Paparazzi Fashion Fix - Magnificent Musings June 2019

Paparazzi Fashion Fix - Magnificent Musings June 2019

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Magnificent Musings June 2019

Necklace - Jammin' Jungle - A collection of large and small silver hoops hammered in blinding texture swing from the bottom of interconnected hammered links, creating an edgy industrial fringe below the collar. Features an adjustable clasp closure.

Bracelet - A Wait-and-SEQUIN Attitude - A thick black suede band is spliced into several smaller bands and encrusted in row after row of glassy white rhinestones, smoky hematite rhinestones, and flat silver accents for a sassy look. Features an adjustable snap closure.

Bracelet - Empress Etiquette - A row of glittery white and hematite rhinestones line the center of a studded silver cuff for an edgy look. 

Ring - Triple The Texture - Hammered in rugged textures, three antiqued silver frames interlock across the finger for an edgy look. Features a stretchy band for a flexible fit. 

Paparazzi Fashion Fix