Why You Should Join Paparazzi Accessories?

There are many reasons to join the Paparazzi business, but one of the main reasons to join Paparazzi Accessories is because the price is right and the jewelry is great. 

Top 10 Reasons To Join Paparazzi

  1. 45% Profit
    • Compared to 10-25% profit from your sales in other companies.
  2. Free website
    • No monthly or processing fees.
  3. We pay $2.75 for each piece
    • You can buy your own pieces for a discount. When you sell the other pieces at $5, you make $2.25.
  4. Quick cash in your pocket when you make sales
    • If you have an emergency come up and you have inventory, you can make some instant cash to help with your situation.
  5. No monthly quotas required to receive profits from sales
    • We recommend you are “active” each month by selling at least 25 pieces, but it’s not required.
  6. No minimum order requirements
    • You can order a much or as little as you want whenever you place an order. Shipping is a flat rate and free over $100.
  7. No fees ever
    • No hidden fees.
  8. Awesome tax deductions
    • Home-based businesses give you great tax deductions. Talk to a tax professional.
  9. New jewelry comes out Monday-Friday
    • Selection is always changing. You won’t have the exact same inventory as other consultants.
  10. UNLIMITED income potential
    • The amount depends on the work you put into your business.

Still thinking about it? Here are a few more reasons to join Paparazzi

  • There’s no sales pressure. No need for gimmicks. No sales presentations.
  • Choose your own inventory to fit your customers’ tastes.
  • No catalogs to buy.
  • Sell almost anywhere you want.
  • Work on your schedule, so you have time to do things you love.
  • Get additional compensation when you grow a team.
  • Have pop up shops or open houses to earn extra money.
  • Free website for customers to shop the entire Paparazzi warehouse.
  • Have fun selling something that makes other women happy too.

There's many more reasons to join Paparazzi Accessories, but it’s important for you to discover your own. Your clients will love the jewelry and the price. You’ll love the profits you'll make.